About G.G.

About G.G.

Gwenda-lin Grewal (G.G.) started making clothing & accessories in spring of 2010. It all started with gloves, which she constructed from the most readily available form of stretch lace: ladies underwear. Then one day she fell through a looking glass, and emerged a lace connoisseur. Pleated lace, silk lace, Chantilly lace, Shoe lace—are the days of lace knickers over? Not Hardly Alice! We’re all mad here.

G.G.’s inspirations include Coco Chanel—who began with jersey, a fabric typically used for men’s underwear—and Lewis Carroll.

Hardly Alice thanks Sabra Lattos Photography for the Fall 2013 photos, make-up by Marlaine Reiner. Marco Bollinger Photography and Chris Crenshaw Make-up for the Fall 2012 photos.  Thanks to White Rabbit, Buddy, from Rabbit Rescue and Rehab.  And thanks to Sarah Morrison Photography for the photos from Fall 2011, make-up by Marlaine Reiner. Above photo by Christine McConnell.

Finally, thanks to all my editors… too many of you to thank before breakfast.

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